Cb1weightgainer.com Website Review & Ratings + CB-1 Weight Gainer Coupons
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Cb1weightgainer.com Website Review & Ratings + CB-1 Weight Gainer Coupons

CB-1 is a natural herbal weight gain pill which stimulates the appetite and slows down the metabolism.Made in the USA customers receive a free nutrician guide with every order.

CB-1 is a herbal blend specifically designed to overcome problems such as lack of appetite and a fast metabolism.The all-natural compounds that go to make up the pills are called Isobutylanides and come from the root of the purple cornflower.The pills are perfectly safe to take as they contain no drugs,steroids or other dangerous substances.

The pills work by stimulating the appetite so you can eat more food at each meal and have more than three meals a day if you wish.Those who take CB-1 gain an average of 2.1 pounds a week and many users gain 10-20 pounds in just four weeks.

A lot of people want to lose weight but those who are skinny are desperate to put weight on and CB-1 make skinny arms and bony shoulders fill out,thin women develop curves and a sexier figure.

Many athletes take CB-1 to gain weight quickly improving their strength,power and performance and it is 100% legal.The recommended dose is 2 capsules taken 30-60 minutes before you eat and you can take CB-1 three times a day to accelerate your weight gain.The pills are non-addictive and come in an easy-to-swallow gelatine capsule.

CB-1 Weight Gainer: What makes it different?

What makes CB-1 different

Customers receive a free nutritional guide with every order and the natural ingredients are easy to understand as they all come from the root of the purple cornflower.

The tablets come in an easy-to-swallow gelatine capsule so you do not necessarily have to take them with a drink if you are out for a meal.

Many athletes use them to build up power and strength and enhance their performance as they contain no steroids and are 100% legal.

There are good testimonials on their website unlike Gain Weight Pills which has received some worrying reviews.

CB-1 Weight Gainer vs. primary competitors (sites similar to CB-1 Weight Gainer)

Gain Weight Pills are available on Amazon and like CB-1 they are an appetite stimulant with herbal extracts.They are suitable for both men and women and are advertised as having no side effects.

They are suitable for vegetarians and you get 60 capsules in a bottle that lasts 2-3 years.They are manufactured by Planet Ayurveda and comprise of a stimulant-free blend of herbs designed to support the metabulism while helping the customer to gain weight naturally.

Pros: They are cheaper than CB-1 and shipping and handling is free,they are 100% natural and stimulant-free,they are suitable for vegetarians.

Cons:There are so many ingredients listed it is difficult to remember what they all are,one customer said they did nothing for him and after 3 1/2 weeks she had gained no weight at all.Despite them saying there are no side effects another customer said he had chest pains after taking one tablet a day,the recommended dose is two tablets.These reviews are on the Amazon website.

Weight Gain Plus are pills which contain Vita Salvo a natural nutritional supplement that is a powerful appetite enhancer which gives customers 300% more calorie intake and slows the body metabolism for better nutrition absorbtion.

Vita Salvo has been clinically tested and contains all the vitamins and proteins the body needs to gain muscle and body mass quickly.The pills are free from all stimulants and hormones and are a natural dietary supplement.

Pros: The price,they are cheaper than CB-1 and the more bottles you buy the more discount you get.They contain vitamins and protein and give the customer 300% more calorie intake.

Cons:It is hard to tell if these are vitamin tablets or genuine wait gain tablets.The advice is to do no exercise and have plenty of rest for weight gain but to combine the right amount of exercise (not stated) for muscle mass and this is quite confusing.They state this is a dietary supplement which again is confusing as it implies they could be vitamin tablets.

CB-1 Weight Gainer: Pricing & packages

The price of CB-1 is Buy on,get one free.

2 bottles for the price of one,1 month's supply $49.98 plus $6.99 shipping and handling

The price of Gain Weight Pills

1 bottle of 60 tablets $19.98,free shipping

The price of Weight Gain Plus tablets

The best price is offered by Weight Gain Plus pills which offers a discount for quantity and both Weight Gain Plus pills and Gain Weight pills offer free shipping.

CB-1 is currently offering buy one get one free so you get a month's supply for under $50 but you do have to add on shipping and handling to that price.

CB-1 Weight Gainer: Product images & screenshots
CB-1 Weight Gainer Coupons
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CB-1 Weight Gainer: Customer reviews & comments

Testimonials from Customers

Last year my weight dropped to 122lbs and as I am 5'9" I looked sick.I got online to search for the best weight pills and I came across CB-1.I did my research to see if it really worked and this pill has increased my appetite for food and protein shakes.In two months my weight went up from 122lbs to 148lbs and I am happy to have my womanly curves back.It is the best product on the market in my opinion. Misty H,aged 30.

I have always been skinny,I weighed 135lbs at 6' tall and I was desperate to gain weight.I started going to the gym and drinking protein shakes but I wasn't really getting any bigger.I was sick of being skinny and small but I never ate enough to gain weight.I tried some other weight gain pills but found out they were just vitamins.After doing a lot of research I discovered CB-1 weight gainer.CB-1 is different and I instantly started eating more and seeing results.I gained 32lbs in the first three months and they really work.Travis,aged 30.

Before CB-1 I was 165lbs and could not eat enough to gain any weight.Since I started using CB-1 I have gained 25lbs of mass and muscle and my appetite has increased tremendously.Thank you for the product,I have recommended it to my friends.Brian B,aged 25.

I used to eat like a bird and there would be a lot left on my plate that I wouldn't finish,I couldn't even finish an omelet.CB-1 helped increase my appetite and I noticed I was able to finish my food.In two months I gained 20lbs and got my butt back,I went from size 3 to size 7.Rechester E,aged 29.

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Comments (3)

Nice review, Amanda.

Michele here! I\'ve been taking 2 capsules before meals for 3 days and have no appetite! Can I increase my dosage to 3 capsules.

Hi..Michele here.I\'ve taken cb1 for 3 days I have no appetite whatsoever!!!!Should I take 3 pills before meals?

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